Alternate Reality Games

Enter the rabbit hole: In this session on Monday May 12th from 5 to 7 pm CEST, Julian talks about ARGs as an inspiring form of non-linear storytelling. An ARG allows the audience to participate, explore, and most importantly, collaborate to explore the story the participants are surrounded with in their real lives. Furthermore, it lets you tell an entire storyworld over several weeks, creating an immersive experience for engaged players.

Julian Jungel from Ernst Busch, Berlin

Julian Jungel is a director and coder of the interactive arts. His interests lies in the space where storytelling and craftsmanship, music, animation and digital technology meet. Here he creates fun user experiences through fast iterations of design and prototyping. Julian works as lecturer for creative technology at Ernst Busch School for Performing Arts in Berlin.

Every Monday the Alexandria Nova Network offers a lecture, seminar or discussion about methods of (teaching) directing. The lectures are not public and aim primarily at students of the participating schools. It is however possible to attend the events as a guest. Please write an email to to register and receive an entrance link.