Coming up Monday Lectures: Forest ritual, concept and hybrid forms!

On October 26th Tumi Bj√∂rnsson, a directing student from Reykjavik, currently in Helsinki with an Erasmus exchange , will share his experiences. He will focus on the ‘forest ritual’, which is a central part of the education in Helsinki.

On the 2nd of November Runar Hodne, directing professor in Oslo and Copenhagen, will talk about the notion of concept in the work of a director. The week after, on the 9th of November the norwegian theatremaker and teacher Tale Naess will discuss challenges and possibilities of hybrid theatre forms for the performers and the interpreters (scenographers, directors, dramaturgs etc.).

THe ALEXANDRIA NOVA Monday Lectures take place each Monday from 5-7pm CET from September till December 2020. Once a month students can propose the content of one session to be held by themselves.

The lectures are not public and only available to students of the participating schools. To participate in the session, a separate e-mail with a registration link is sent to the Alexandria Nova family. It is possible to attend the lectures as a guest. Please write an email to to register and receive an entrance link.