Coming up Monday Lectures

At September 21st Saana Lavaste, director and teacher from the Uniarts Helsinki, in her lecture/discussion ‘The Art of Leadership’ will discuss following questions:

What does it mean “to have a vision”? Does a director always need to have one? What does leadership mean as an artistic tool? How can we train and develop this tool? Should we separate “the artist” and “the leader” in us? Is leading one´s own work the most difficult part of leadership?

Saana Lavaste from Uniarts Helsinki

At September 28th you have the choice between two lectures:

Egill Palsson, director, teacher and artistic director of the Artic Theater in Tromsø, Norway, will go through the vocabulary and tools in the Action Analyses by Maria Knebel.
Also on September 28th Rodolfo García Vázquez, director and teacher at the SP Escola de Teatro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, will talk about ‘Digital theatre’.
He will discuss concepts of cyborg theatre, telecopresencen, digital theatre and aesthetics. 

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