Alexandria Nova Podcast

This is the Alexandria Nova Podcast: During two months in the summer of 2021 every Sunday at exactly 3am a big question of theatre was posted to the Alexandria Nova Community, giving them one week time to answer the question. Tune in to get all the big questions of theatre answered.

1. The first Alexandria Nova opens with the question: do we need to have our audience suffering to get catharsis? lean back and relaxe to the first answer about suffering. – 16.5.2021

2. The second question the curious Alexandria Nova community explores ist: what are the ingredients for a scandal? have fun with the scandal. – 23.5.2021

3. The third big Question of Theatre the Alexandria Nova community tackles is: what can theatre do what a politician can’t? Sip your drink with this weeks answer. 

4. The fourth big Questions of Theatre connects the previous ones: how would you describe your political responsibility as a theatre maker regarding the theatrical scandal? lean back and enjoy.

5. The fifth big Question of Theatre the Alexandria Nova community strikes is: what is avant-garde in theatre today? listen to the new frontier movement.

6. The sixth big Question of Theatre goes back to the grandmother of every question: what makes theatre necessary? enjoy the trip to the root of all questions.

7. The seventh big Question of Theatre might be seen as a forecast: how will theatre look like in times of climate change? find out if the forecast is utopian or dystopian.

8. The eight big Question of Theatre deals with the protagonist: what are your theatre heroes? we can be heroes, just for one day.

From gift to gift we create paradise – the live podcast from the Alexandria Nova Meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania. September 2021.