Seminar: Time, Temporality and Eternity in the art of directing


Working with time – observing, sensing, manipulating and sharing it – is an essential part of the art of the director. The director works with time in the rehearsals, leading processes that build up during weeks, months and years. It is the responsibility of the director to “be contemporary”, that is to understand what meanings are present in a specific time and context. The director manipulates time in the performance with rhythm, structure and composition of time. Performance time is also a special kind of time that points to the lived past, and over time and space into eternity, as well as to the future. The transient now -moment that can be shared in theatre with the audience is at the core of the director ́s work. On the other hand, theatre is a vanishing art form, the moments of theatre disappear as do our lives.

In this online seminar we will discuss time, temporality and eternity in theatre from many different angles. On Saturday, the program starts with a panel where the seminar speakers shortly present their perspectives on the topic of time. The first presenters in the program, Pauliina Hulkko and Kevin Kuhlke, deal with the time from broader theoretical perspectives and after them we have – as parallel sessions – the case-studies of Davide Giovanzana and Mareike Dobewall. The seminar day concludes with an open discussion where all the participants are invited to share and reflect. As evening program there is a concert “Three paradoxes of motion” by musician and scholar Juho Laitinen followed by a chance to hang out more informally in the Open Café.

On Sunday the program will focus on contemporary and political perspectives on time. The program starts with the presentation of Anna Volkland and continues – as parallel sessions – with the points of view of Arno Vinkovic and Sanna Ryynänen. After that there ́s again open discussion. As the last content of the program Alexandria Nova network will present it ́s work.

Throughout the seminar there are possibilities for the participants to talk and meet with each other more informally in the Open café.